Disciplinary hearing meeting
Disciplinary hearing

Conducting a procedurally and substantively fair disciplinary hearing is not easy. Many employers make mistakes and lose cases in the CCMA and pay hefty amounts of compensation for unfair dismissals.  SISOL Labour Projects was established by a professionals with more than 10 years combined experience to help companies conduct disciplinary hearing fairly and the best price to avoid expensive unfair dismissals. Unfair dismissal can be expensive at times. Our duty is to ensure you do not incur unnecessary costs  that you can easily avoid.

Our approach: We chair the hearings as if we are setting in the CCMA before the commissioner to ensure our clients’ success. We always guarantee our client procedural fairness in all we do hence the money back guarantee if the client loses a CCMA case on procedure. 

We only employ highly experience chairperson to help our client with hearing(s) of different levels of employees. Some of our consultants are certified CCMA commissioners and Labour Attorneys dealing with Labour courts matters.  

We give our clients confidence by helping with:

  •  Drafting correct disciplinary hearing Charges
  • Assisting with misconduct Investigations
  • Chairing Disciplinary hearing
  • Assisting with all CCMA matters
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