Our Approach 

Why, What
then followed by How

You cannot successfully solve a problem you do not understand. We are the human resource management tool to help you achieve your business goals because you business depends on the performance and compliance of your employees.


We’ll always start with asking “Why”. Why do you want to achieve the set goal? Why these targets.  We do not take things for granted.  Without understanding the reason “Why”, you might end up with a solution that nobody needs and no one is willing to implement.  We want to understand how the decision will improve you bottom line or mitigate the risk in your business so we can come up with a working solution. Your business is not the same as the next one.


Once have agreed about the reason, we’ll start exploring the How together. Here we will discuss possible ideas on how to solve the problem facing your business based on our industry experience.  We will then agree on anything possible  and efficient that might help achieve  the business goals. Here we plan to please your client.


Now we know both the Why and the What. It’s time for implementation. If we got the previous stages right, this one’s going to be a walk in the park. We however still need to make the the solution work. Here our skills and experience will be required. But we’ll have a clear compass to guide us and there won’t be any uncertainties.

It's all about your success

Running a business comes with challenges that need experience to solve, not just qualifications. Not all HR consultants understand and love Mining and Earthmoving. When we say we understand the industry we don’t only mean in the office or boardroom work. We have been underground on different mines to have a clear understanding of operations needs and challenges.

Our Solutions have been tested by many contractors and many have proven to work. Yes we do have our share of failures which taught us life lesson. You cannot learn if you don’t fail. 

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