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An investment your company needs to improve the bottom-line


You cannot expect an employee to comply with what they don’t know. Even if they were trained, people forget. 

The only proven method we have applied in helping our clients employees comply with their clients performance and safety requirements  was through a repetitive training on the standards. This is not usually covered in the training center.

Here the best thing about our solution: You don’t need to release employees and book them for training. They can learn yours and clients standards while seating a home on their mobile phones. When they forgot something, they can always refer to the content on their mobile APP

Mining & Earthmoving Skills Development

It’s not a secret, most mining employees do have computer phobia. They can’t switch it on and off. 

That doesn’t mean that they cannot be trained remotely. Most if not all mining employees use smartphones. We have developed a Mobile Application to cater for this guys. We have already trained many managers and general employees on company policies and clients standards using our own Mobile APP. 


Remote Mobile Training

Train your new and existing employees on company SOPs, Policies, work related skills such as communication, email and telephone etiquette  and more   without removing them from the operations. With our mobile training platform employees can Learn at their own time and location without compromising your operations. 


Remote training

Increase knowledge retention with repetitive training

Save on travelling and facilitator costs

 Increase compliance


Relevant for the new generation of workers

Some of our courses

Client standards digitisation

Whenever you need your employee whether long serving employees or new employees to learn new company and/or Mine standard we can easily digitize them by making the available for all selected employee on their smartphone APP

HR/ER Training

Human Resources and Employee Relations Skills Development programmes for Supervisors and managers

Business Management

Learn business management skills needed for success of every business.

New Legislation Training

Mining and labour laws change frequently. When this changes happen you need your employees to know about them so they can comply and keep your company safe. We can do this for your organisation and you wont need to worry whether employees are aware of new policies and legislation

Leadership Development

We transfrom managers and make them leaders.


Learn entrepreneurship as a skill to create start-ups and/or grow businesses from point A to your desired point.

Other services

Employee Skills Development

Per month


Per month


Per month

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The facilitator was amazing. She was very prepared for the workshop and the content was in line with what we needed for your business. Thank you for your excellent service.
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