Disciplinary and grievance

You can depend on our highly experienced and qualified consultants with industry experience to do the best job and protect your company from unfair dismissal and unfair labour practices.

Senior consultant

Get support from our senior consultants who comes with more than 10 years experience

GUaranteed procedural fairness

You do not have to worry about legal procedures. Our senior consultants handle that from the beginning till the end.

Industry experience

To help you better we allocated chairpersons with industry experience. Its easier to explan to someone who has experieced the business processes.


We are in it for a long-haul. You are never alone when dealing with Labour Relations issues from preparing for the hearing to the CCMA.

Skills development in mining

Our Approach

Conducting a procedurally and substantively fair disciplinary hearing is not easy. Many employers make mistakes and lose cases in the CCMA and pay hefty amounts of compensation for unfair dismissals.  

We chair disciplinary hearings as if we are setting in the CCMA to ensure our clients’ succeed incase the case is referred to CCMA. 

Some of our consultants are certified CCMA commissioners and Labour Attorneys dealing with Labour courts matters.  

 We always begin the discipline process with you We make sure the charges are correct and fully investigated, we then help you prepare the charges and schedule the hearing. 
We also schedule a chairperson for the hearing. Should the case be referred to the CCMA, we assisting with all CCMA processes.

Our clients say

SISOL has been very helpful for the last 2 years. We have reduced our suspension costs since they joined our HR team as a consultant. We used to have lengthy suspension costing company hundreds of thousands. Thanks for your help
Molobisi M
Snr HR Manager
I will always use your service when I need a chairperson. You have a way of making people understand and calm.
Ben Paxton
Mine Overseer
We had employee refusing to attend disciplinary hearing because they thought our managers were biased. We have managed that problem successfully with Solomon and his team.
Mine Overseer
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