NOTICE ABOUT CONSULTANT-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP The purpose of this initial consultation is to determine if SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS (PTY) LTD can assist you with your employment matter, to inform you about the services our firm provides, and to discuss the potential agreement for the provision of labour relations services and formation of a consultant-client relationship. Admin fees for Initial consultation is R350. This initial consultation does not create an consultant-client relationship and does not mean SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS will act as your consultant. After the initial consultation, if your case/matter is accepted by SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS and you desire to retain SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS as your consultant and advisors, we will provide you with a written fee agreement which will set forth the terms of the agreement for Labour relations services. Upon receipt of the signed fee agreement and the required retainer, we will begin to act as your advisor and consultant. Your legal rights may be affected by laws that place restrictions our representation or may be otherwise affected if prompt action is not taken. If SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS does not accept your case/matter or you decide not to retain our services you should seek alternate assistance immediately to ensure that your legal rights are not affected. SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS WILL NOT TAKE ANY ACTION ON YOUR BEHALF PRIOR TO RECEIPT AND ACCEPTANCE BY OUR CONSULTANCY FIRM OF A SIGNED FEE AGREEMENT AND REQUIRED RETAINER FEE. I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ THE FOREGOING NOTICE AND UNDERSTAND THAT SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS WILL NOT ACT AS MY CONSULTANTS OR TAKE ANY ACTION ON MY BEHALF UNLESS AND UNTIL A WRITTEN FEE AGREEMENT SIGNED BY BOTH PARTIES AND THE REQUIRED RETAINER FEE ARE RECEIVED AND ACCEPTED BY OUR FIRM. I ALSO CONFIRM THAT I UNDERSTAND THAT SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS IS NOT A LAW FIRM. I UNDESTAND THAT ADVICE RECIEVED FROM SISOL LABOUR PROJECTS IS NOT A LEGAL ADVICE BUT A PROFESSIONAL OPINION.
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