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Improve Employee Performance & Save Costs

The Elimination of Harassment in the Workplace:

Employers are guided to develop policies, procedure and practices that ensure workplaces that are free from harassment.

2022 minimum wage in South Africa and how to apply for exemption

In a gazette published on Monday evening (7 February), the minister of Finance said that the national minimum wage is…
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Can employers force their employees to get vaccinated?

Can employers force their employees to get vaccinated?

South African is full on with regards to the roll-out of covid-19 vaccination. Although this is the case, the concerns…
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The aftermath of Civil unrest, Looting, and destruction of property

The past week saw the country erupt to an unexpected turn of events. Where most employers had to deal with…
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Confidentiality in the workplace

With the POPI Act an active topic recently in the HR field, this creates a chance for employers and their employees to show customers, clients a level of common courtesy by protecting their data. It is also part of the business’s role to fulfil its legal responsibility to prevent sensitive information from being leaked or disclosed to the wrong parties.

Insubordination vs Insolence

Insubordinationversus Insolence

Insubordination may be described as an act of resistance, refusal or failure to obey reasonable and lawful instructions from authority,…
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