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Are you still uncomfortable with letting your employees work remotely? I bet not. Coronavirus changed everything. From employers who never though they will one day allow employees to work remotely, to those who never saw that as an option. Employers are now recruiting people with the skills to be discussed in this article.

Many employers had no choice but to make rush decisions or their business were going to burn down. They had to allow employees work remotely. Unfortunately with rush decision mistakes do occur. We all know that. Mostly when you give someone a task to do something without prior knowledge or training.

Remote working is completely different from working in the office. There is no manager or boss to check if tasks are being completed accordingly, timeously with due diligence. Remote working requires skills that many employees need to be trained on or have gained throughout their lives. In exceptional cases it require employer to consider the skills to be discussed when recruiting new employees.

Ability to work Independence

Most of companies have that employee who will not do anything until he or she is told what to do and how to do it. It is not that they are bad employees, they are just not initiative. They work very good as support to business operation. They help push company vision forward by following set protocols. These people usually slack if left alone. They need constant reminder and instructions.

Working remotely requires the ability to work independently. Employees’ willingness and ability to do what is required for the organisation is critical in working remotely. Having to contact a person and giving them instructions all day long can become counter productive. People who work very well alone without the need to be told how to do things improve productivity. Hence it is important to recruit people who know what they need to do when recruiting . Not people we like but those who can do the job. These people bring efficiencies withing the organisation whether they are in the office or remote.


Cambridge dictionary defines commitment as the ability to do or stick something as promised. This is an important attribute when you decide to hire someone. Commitment i am referring to herein is not on the promise to stay with the company for a long time. I am talking about a commitment to a cause, business vision and mission. I believe that each and every company has a cause. Commitment to a cause from employees is what the firm needs to out perform its competitors.

People who are only motivated by salary alone are a danger to business sustainability. Mostly when you have no choice but to ask them to work remotely with minimal supervision. It is vital for employers to appoint people who care about company mission than money when recruiting. Motivated employees are not only motivated by money they earn but something beyond money. Even when they are working remotely without a boss breathing on their neck , they are more likely to work to their best abilities.

SHRM argued that Committed employees are an asset to an organisation and add value in more ways than one. They support their employers and are more productive than non-committed employees. Committed employees usually share same values with their organisation or they adopt them. It goes without a doubt, people who only work to make ends meet will give you the hours you pay them and nothing more. They hardly give extra for nothing but people who have internalised the mission and made it their own, they always go extra mile. I believe it is very risky under normal circumstances to allow uncommitted people to work from home or even hire them.

Digital communication Skills

Working remotely requires one to communicate with team members and leaders more frequently using digital tools. With remote work, you cannot run to the manager or employees office for quick instructions. You will need to use digital communication tools such as online video conferencing tools like Zoom and WhatsApp.

Digital communication skills requires one to firstly be comfortable with digital devices. Do not assume that all employees can use a mobile device or a computer for professional communication. Most older generation use smart phones for phone calls only. They never take the time to download smart applications or use already available smart apps. Remote work requires constant communication and collaboration. This can only be done using available smart apps which are very easy to use. It is imperative for employers to verify if employees can use smart communication applications before deciding to allow remote work. Without proper knowledge and understanding of these communication apps, communication will surely breakdown and affect operations.

Basic understanding of online collaboration

Working remotely doesn’t mean that you do not work with other kids anymore. For every employee to be successful in employment collaboration skill is a requirement. Most if not all companies organise their employees in teams. Being part of a team requires lot of communication and collaboration. Ability to collaborate is important in that it helps to organise work in a more productive way.

Online team collaboration requires one to be punctual when attending online meetings. Missing a meeting or attending late take your opportunity to ask important question related to your tasks.

Working remotely also doesn’t take away the paper work required for compliance and other operational reasons. The only difference in remote work is that paper work is only done and signed digitally. There are many tools used by different companies like Google documents, Dropbox and others to share documents. If an employee is not familiar with these platforms it will be impossible for them to participate and do their part.

Finally, remote work is the future and both employers and employees need to embrace it or risk their business and careers. To be frank, these skill are far from rocket science and do not take much to learn . Learning these skills and recruiting people who have this skills will give you confidence.

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