1. Comply with regulations to avoid a criminal record:

Regulations signed into law during coronavirus pandemic becomes the law of the state for the purposes of combating the pandemic. Any failure to comply with the regulations might land you in jail and damaging your name with a criminal record.

As a job seeker, whether employed or unemployed, your criminal record status has a very big impact in your job applications. Employers today check applicants records and people with record are less likely to be considered. If found guilty for non compliance with covid-19 regulations, this will give your future employer an impression that you are a non compliant person who will more likely fail to comply with company policies.

2. Learn regulations so you can comply as required

This should be something that we do on a daily basis as citizens of our specific countries. Learning regulation is the basis for every person to comply.

You obviously cannot comply with something that you do not know. The government is doing everything in its powers through different types of media including social media which we are always busy with to communicate all regulations. You do not need to read the regulations to understand them, you can watch media briefings and interviews.

You are more likely to contravene some regulations if your do not know them hence putting your life at risk of getting arrested and getting a criminal record.

3. Avoid contributing to negative social media post fuelling hate and noncompliance

We live in information era, where it is easy to distribute information and where our internet activities build our image online.

You need to be careful when you decide to contribute to controversial discussions online. Employers today also take internet activity seriously more than what job applicants say in the interview. For many employers, your internet activity is more honest about yourself than what you say in the interview.

Your online activity should build onto who you are and who you want people to know as you in real life. If your online activity is inconsistent with who you say you are, it creates a lot of contradictions about who you are hence it give a room for employers not to trust you.

Be careful not to paint yourself online as a racist or someone who doesn’t care about the law and compliance. Try to be positive and paint a good picture about yourself online. As a job seekers you cannot afford to impress friends at your personal image expense.

4. Google your online profile and remove all that can mess up your chances of success in your job applications

This is the best time for job seekers to polish their online images and start building a consistent online image. Since most of employers are on a lockdown and not recruiting, it is the best time to rebuild your online image so when covid-19 is gone you can become in demand.

Many of us use google to search for many things online. We hardly use google to checkout our online selves and see how people perceive us. This you should take as one of the most important things to do in your job seeking journey. Personal branding is very critical to be left to chances and people to make assumptions about you. Google you name now and see what will appear. If you are happy with it built on that. If not start planning and thinking about how you want to appear and why. Once you know that you can start posting you building blocks daily.

5. Don’t join people who bad mouth their employers’ actions due to lockdown?on social media.

Lockdown due to coronavirus has an impact on many companies. This I know will make companies to take unusual decisions which employees might not agree with. Many people will share their dissatisfaction with employers decisions and I encourage you not to.

If you are not happy with the decision taken by your employer, I encourage you to rather speak to your employer or consult with your trade Unions instead of going on social media about it. Like we always advice job seekers before interviews, YOU NEVER BAD MOUTH YOUR CURRENT OR PREVIOUS EMPLOYERS. You do this you lose your integrity.

This will land you in serious trouble and damage your reputation as a professional in your industry. Like i said, online information spreads like wildfire. Everyone in your industry will learn about your slander and diminish your chance of building a good career.

6. Most employers are now active on social media.

Chose groups and online communities related to your field of study or interest and contribute constructively by sharing valuable information and re-posting creative and informative information about coronavirus. Start following employers you like and the groups they participate in. With internet it is easy to learn about this. All you need is just to implement this advice and await your results.

You never know, some companies had plans to recruit before the outbreak and had to freeze the vacancies due to the outbreak. If not all, some employers participate in online industry group discussions. Your comment or re-post might help some of your targeted employers who are looking for someone with your skills and expertise. Your post or comment might get you the required attention from relevant employers who are currently recruiting.

REMEMBER TO FOLLOW WHO ON https://www.who.int/ for more information and updates on coronavirus

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